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Sales Letter Software

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Back about 5 years ago, I had a frustration in teaching copywriting and trying my hardest to get people to write sales letters.


That frustration was that no matter how well I taught my formula for copywriting, people just flat out didn't follow it.  I had 12 steps in my formula.  People would skip steps, put them in the wrong order and, in general, muck things up.


I racked my brains for a solution.


I came up with the idea of sales letter software.  Now, I lauched a software product that started a whole entire category of products.  Many people now have sales letter software.  But originally, there was one.  That would be mine. 


It is called "Push Button Letters."  You literally fill in the blanks, click a button and it outputs a sales letter. The thing is, my competitors and the people who have copied the concept don't fully understand WHY I created the software.  So it makes me wonder or doubt that they have properly implemented it.


Way back I created a 12-step formula for writing a sales letter.  That formula has been much copied on the Net.   You see the 12-step formula everywhere. Without attribution, of course. People I think don't even understand the structure of a sales letter enough to be able to create their own formula!


That is why I plan on re-inventing my formula. 


Anyway, the point of this article isn't ME.  It's YOU.  And if you have a product, service, business, or idea to promote, I highly recommend you check this out.  It's especially applicable for you if you sell ebooks, courses, home study courses, info products or membership sites.


This software was the only way I could get people to follow a simple, 12-step formula. And I have to say I've been pleased, amazed and delighted with some of the sales letters I've seen created with the software.


If you'd like to check out the software, go to: Sales Letter Software


Marlon Sanders

Developer of the original Sales Letter Software


For more videos, podcast, and articles visit my sales letters secrets blog at: http://www.marlonsnews.com


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